My home is worth less than my mortgage balance. I am having financial issues. How can I sell my home now?

After discussing your Situation and completing a careful analysis, we can attempt to negotiate a Short-Sale between you and your bank or mortgage lender. This process takes time and there are never any guarantees. After exploring all options, we can together decide the best course of action.

Is my information secure?

We understand the sensitivity to your private and confidential information. Only our professionals will have access to your records and the information provided will be held in strict confidence.

What if I am facing Foreclosure what are my options?

Our professionals are experienced in the Foreclosure process. We can work with your bank using proven foreclosure avoidance and delay strategies. However, Time is Precious and You Must Get Us Involved As Soon As Possible!
Our team of professionals can negotiate with the bank and help you stop the foreclosure process.

Are there any fees or Real Estate Commissions?

We are NOT Real Estate Agents and do not charge any Real Estate Commissions. There is No Obligation or cost to you for our services or consultations in connection with providing you a CASH OFFER, regardless of whether we work together or not.

How long will it take for a response to my form submission?

We will contact you within 24 hours to go over the details of your house, discuss your objectives and schedule an appointment to view your property.

If we agree on a Cash Offer for my House, how long does it take to sell and get the cash?

Our Team can purchase your house normally within 10 days or less. We will customize the closing to meet your requirements and schedule.

How do you determine my Cash Offer?

All the costs regarding our acquisition of your property, including purchase price, carry costs, taxes, insurance, utilities, etc., renovation costs, marketing of the improved property and a reasonable profit) are subtracted from what we think we can sell the property for in the future after renovation. The difference is Your Cash Offer that you receive now. We do all the work.

I have a real estate agent who has listed my house but I am not Satisfied. Should I contact you?

Absolutely, we work with real estate agents and will buy houses directly from owners or through their agents.

Moving/Handy Man Specials/Building Code Violations

Are you interested in moving? Does your home have maintenance issues that you have no desire to repair? Would you prefer not to to deal with real estate brokers, open houses and multiple strangers in your home?
Don’t sign a contract only to wait and worry that your buyer’s bank may not approve their mortgage or that a low bank appraisal will void your deal. This can waste months of time and cost you money.